All the secrets to have more Likiwi points

  1. 1

    Before each call, choose your ad !

    When you call a friend on the web, before your call you choose an ad and you write it down. With this ad, you earn 10 points for free calls to landlines or mobiles.

    Choose and watch your ad to win Likiwi points and call for free
  2. 2

    Invite your friends to join us

    For each friend you refer from Likiwi, you earn 15 points. To invite them, go to the application and click on "invite friends".

    Invite your friends to join Likiwi and call for free
  3. 3

    Follow us on Facebook, our Blog and Twitter

    Thanks to you, Likiwi is improving every day. And to thank you, every week we organize games and contests that allow you to earn more points. So do not hesitate to stay connected with us on our Facebook page or on our ​​Twitter account and our Blog.

    Likiwi Social Network
  4. 4

    Become your own sponsor

    If you don't want to watch an ad before your call to earn points, you can still buy Likiwi pre-paid cards From 5 € and especially with unbeatable price!

    Become an advertiser on Likiwi : call for free