Discover the services that offers Likiwi

Free Services

  1. 1

    Free and unlimited calls between friends

    Stop paying for phone calls! Call for free with no limits all your friends is a dream come true.
    Whether at the end of the world or near your home, you will have no limits to call to phones !

    Free calls with your friends
  2. 2

    Accessible from anywhere

    You have nothing to download, nothing to install, all your calls go through a simple web page. With a simple click, you can call on Likiwi and invite all your friends.

    Call for free anywhere, to facebook and gmail friends, to landlines in 40 countries and mobiles
  3. 3

    Win Likiwi Points

    We offer you the opportunity to earn Likiwi points by viewing a video ad before each call. The more you call your friends on Likiwi and the more you earn minutes to call landlines, and soon to mobile phones.

    Watch ad and win points to call for free to landlines and mobiles
  4. 4

    Free voicemail

    We offer you a free voicemail so your friends can leave you a message when you are away. This answer is customizable and accessible from Likiwi.

    Free voicemail to have message on your likiwi application

Premium Services

  1. 1

    Not enough points ? An emergency call ?

    You can even purchase pre paid cards: €5, €10 and €20, to call landlines and international numbers (40 countries*).
    Soon mobile phones !

    Very attractive prices for your calls !
    No complicated packs, just 3 prices to retain :

    • 1min for a landline call = € 0.015
    • 1min for a mobile phone call = € 0.13
    • 1min for an international phone call = € 0.20

    * Landlines in 40 countries (Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, metropolitan France, Great Britain, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Venezuela).

    Premium services, purchase prepaid cards to call landlines and mobiles in the world
  2. 2

    Does your landline want to travel ?

    You can also add to your Likiwi account, a phone number to receive phone calls from any landline or mobile phone, wherever you are. Your friends will so be able to contact you by just paying as a local phone call.

    Buy a phone number in the country of your dreams !

    Buy a geographic number to receive calls on Likiwi